Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2006
It is the men's soccer world cup in Germany. All of Germany is coloured in black-red-gold. Almost all. And all are very very happy. About this 'positive' patriotism. Finally, they argue also 'Germany' has found its way to patriotism. Everybody seems to agree. I hardly find anybody who is so utterly disgusted by all this black-red-gold as I am. These are the colours of the 'German nation', they are a national symbol, they represent the 'nation'. 'Nations', however, are not only inclusive, they are by definition also exclusive. By deciding who belongs, it is also defined who does not and thus has only limited rights. 'Nations' are based on exclusion. They are the basis for wars, not only with weapons. I do not like this structuring of the world, and I utterly dislike its national symbols. Especially the flags. Not only black-red-gold, but especially that as I am living in Germany. I thought 'Germans' had learned from their history, and by refusing the celebration of national symbols had gone beyond most other 'nations' in leaving nationalism behind them. But this seems now an illusion. 'We' did not leave it behind us, it was just a taboo and as soon as 'we' can break this, 'we' do it. And then 'we' call it 'positive' patriotism. What is positive about patriotism?

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