Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014
Publikation: Indian clubbing in Germany
Ganz neu erschienen:

"‘Indian’ clubbing in Germany – on the constructions of natio-ethno-cultural belongingness and otherness", in: Sylvia Hahn and Stan Nadel (eds., 2014), Asian Migrants in Europe - Transcultural Connections, Göttingen: V&R unipress.

Aus der Einleitung:

"In this article I take the social space ‘Indian’ clubs in Germany as the backdrop for my analysis. On the basis of interviews I then describe against that backdrop the perspectives of one person who falls in my category of ‘white women’ attending clubs, and of another, who I classify as an InderKind organising clubs. These two are not representatives of some (imagined) groups, but rather illustrate the complex perspectives of individuals on natio-ethno-cultural belongingness and otherness, which complicate straightforward ascriptions. In conclusion I look at the significance of female dress for natio-ethno-cultural belongingness as well as at non-binary ‘others’ and divisions within an imagined InderKinder ‘we’."

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